For over 70 years Bramstedt Surgical Inc. has been providing hospitals, medical centers and clinics with unparalleled surgical instrument repair and sharpening services. By staying true to our rich German heritage we have established a 70 year reputation of industry leading quality, customer service and the ability to handle even the most demanding repairs. Look to Bramstedt Surgical Inc. to help you with:

  • Instrument Repair and Sharpening

  • Endoscope Repair

  • Pneumatic and Electric Power Tool Repair

  • Instrument Customization and Development

  • Training and Education

  • Color Coding

What our clients are saying…

“Bramstedt is the greatest. They have excellent service. The staff are friendly, arrive on time and deliver items on time. Bramstedt is also willing to pick up a repair any time of day and at a moment’s notice. They are efficient and perform high quality work.”   Samantha J.

“We have had a great working experience with Bramstedt Surgical.  We have received timely and quality repairs from their services.  They have gone above and beyond in repairing not only instrumentation but also genesis pans, bins and other items.  Their staff has been very friendly and accommodating to work with.  We are very pleased with services from Bramstedt Surgical.” Whitney E.