Dental Hand Piece Repair and Refurbishment

  • High-speed and Low-speed handpiece repairs.
  • Stainless and Ceramic bearing replacement.
  • Chuck and turbine replacement.
  • Repair and replacement of internal components: gears and water lines.
  • Fiberoptic clean up, repair or replacement.
  • General repairs such as dents, burs, worn gaskets, O-rings, bulbs, etc.

Brands we service include Kavo • Midwest • NSK • Star • W&H • Bien Air • and more!

Complete Instrument Care Service

  • Tune-ups for picks, scalers, and scrapers.
  • Sharpening of elevators, curettes, gouges, chisels, and osteotomes.
  • Sharpening and repair of all types of scissors and wire cutters.
  • Repair of extractors, ronguers, and pliers.
  • Repairs for all styles of forceps and clamps.
  • Suction tube repair, clean up, and polishing.
  • Mouth Gag repair and recoating.

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